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Our Services Your First Dental Visit

A detailed medical history is taken before we commence examination of our patients. This helps us identify health issues that may be contributing to your dental condition and affect your treatment. On this visit we discuss your concerns, requests and expectations. A thorough systematic examination is carried out with any necessary x-rays, photographs and impression models. This ensures all essential information is collected for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Calm Soothing Environment

Some of us experience certain levels of anxiety during our dental visits. We are only human after all. However there are many ways our practice inspires patient confidence.

We have a caring and professionally trained supportive team. We provide a calm soothing environment with peaceful landscape images in our room and you can listen to music during your treatment. The use of local anesthetic with gentle technique and numbing gel beforehand leaves patient discomfort to an absolute minimum

Our patients are given thorough advice and explanation of every procedure before commencing treatment. This helps you understand what we are trying to achieve and removes any fear of the unknown. We progress at a slow pace relative to your comfort level and guide you through procedures so that you in control at every stage.


Total Family Care starts with

Caring for children in dentistry requires a slow, patient and gentle familiarization process. We show genuine interest in our patients and gradually introduce your childs curiosity to new discoveries in dentistry. Children are very impressionable and good habits are best instilled at a young age. We manage with a tell, show, do technique. This helps establish good dental rapport with the dental team and creates a positive reinforcing experience for your child.

It is our hope that we develop a long lasting relationship with our patients. Healthy teeth and gums are equally important as you get older as when you were young. Our practice looks after different generations of families creating a trusting bond. The advice we offer patients provide you with a better understanding of your dental health. This together with regular dental care will help you keep your own teeth healthy for life. Click here for more information on Dental care for older adults.


Preventive Dental Health

Our preventive care approach involves regular checkups, general prophylaxis, fluoridation and an individualized home care program with proper dietary advice, oral hygiene instruction. The aim is to provide you with an oral environment that is easy for you to clean and maintain.


Pearly White Teeth

Tooth whitening is a safe, effective and lasting method of achieving the sensational bright smile that you long for. The supervised home whitening procedure will allow an improvement of 3-4 shades within the same shade group on the dentist's shade guide. The change is permanent. It involves taking a mould of your teeth and wearing a custom-made gel-filled tray either overnight or several hours a day. We recommend wearing it for a week. This gives an excellent result.


Cosmetic General Dentistry

Our looks and smiles are an important part of our personality. It gives us confidence and can affect how we interact socially and professionally. It can form a lasting impression on others. There are many ways we can enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry need not be an unaffordable luxury but is available to all. It could range from a regular good prophylaxis for clean white teeth to bonded white resin filings replacing old silver amalgams. Modern techniques in bonded restorations are minimally invasive in preserving tooth structure, function and rejuvenating smiles. There is a wide range of options for every case.

Tooth colored / white fillings require less preparation of the teeth and yet provide an aesthetic and functional result.

These are laboratory fabricated reinforced porcelain ingots that are shaped to the shape of the missing tooth structure. It offers superior aesthetics and strength (ten times stronger than conventional composite resin fillings. These are generally for larger fillings and sometimes obviates the need for a crown

A wafer thin layer of either porcelain or composite individually fabricated to fit over the front facing of the tooth. This allows us to change either the shape/color of the tooth

CROWNS (caps)
Crowns are naturally shaped artificial teeth that cover a weak tooth structure beneath it. They can be made of metal, porcelain or a combination


Replacing Missing Teeth

In many instances dental implants is the most appropriate and predictable long term choice for either replacement of single or multiple units of missing teeth or even for supporting dentures. It is a life changing and liberating choice of treatment.

Implants involves placement of an artificial anchor root (the implant titanium fixture) which is then allowed to heal for full integration to your bone. An aesthetic natural looking ceramic crown is then later placed on the fixture.

A bridge is a fixed span of multiple crowns joined together that covers a gap and teeth on either side. It involves crowning the adjacent teeth to the gap and replaces the missing teeth in the gap.

A denture is a removable plate constructed of either acrylic (plastic) or metal/acrylic combination with teeth attached to it.

Partial dentures are retained by clips on patients own teeth while full dentures replace all of patient's loss natural dentition. Full dentures can also be retained by implants.


Keeping You Own Teeth

Severe gum disease is a serious dental condition of low awareness in adults. It is not necessarily an affliction of the aged, in many instances can occur in early adulthood or late teenagers. It is the major cause of adult tooth loss when left untreated. It leads to gum pockets which makes it difficult for patients to clean and bone loss. Prevention relies on early diagnosis so it can be addressed with proper gum treatment with your dentist. Your teeth are only as strong as the foundation they sit on.

The dental pulp (nerve) is a very fragile component of the tooth. If severely irritated the pulpal (nerve) can turn non-vital which leads to an abscessed tooth. With modern techniques it is possible to still retain teeth with root canal therapy. This can be provided under proper effective local anesthesia to make your visit comfortable. This involves multiple visits to restore the tooth back to normal function and health.


Clenching And Grinding

Bruxing (tooth clenching/grinding) is a common complaint in our modern stressful lives. It becomes an issue when there are recurrent fractures of fillings, tooth structure, jaw tightness and pain in chewing muscles.

In some cases a minor adjustment is needed to balance your bite to allow the transfer of loading to teeth that can more adequately support the bite. Proper diagnosis is essential. There may be an indication for a night guard (Occlusal splint) or appropriate muscle relaxants combined with jaw exercise and behavioral modifications. Left untreated, it may lead to excessive premature tooth wear to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.



Excessive snoring not only poses a social issue (especially to your other half) but can also be a serious health issue for the sufferer. It can result in oxygen starvation during sleep. Snoring is caused by a constriction in the airway and air resonance of the soft palate as the muscle tone is reduced when lying in a prone position whilst asleep. It can be controlled by an anti-snoring appliance which is worn during sleep. This helps in maintaining the airway by positioning of the lower jaw forward and provides a better night's sleep.



The competitive nature of sports can inflict injuries to the jaw and teeth. There's no better way of protection your precious assets than with a professionally made mouth guard. Impressions of your mouth are taken from which a cast is poured. The laboratory fabricates a vacuum formed reinforced resin custom mouth guard from the cast. This provides a superior fit, comfort and protection.


Wisdom Teeth

We also offer surgical removable of wisdom teeth in appropriately selected cases under local anesthesia. A prior OPG x-ray is generally requested. In cases of severe impaction we have very competent specialist colleagues that we can refer you to for treatment conducted under general anesthesia.


Special Needs Considerations

Our practice also provides dental health cover for eligible Veteran Affairs patients.